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1. Magazines: Mother Earth News   Mother Earth News

Published By: Ogden Publications Inc

$13.00 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $22.94 (List Price: $35.94)
 This is a country lifestyle service magazine focused on do-it-yourself living, personal achievement, outdoor recreation, thrift and the blending of the old-fashioned with modern ingenuity. Its articles cover equipment, tools, gardening, health and home …

2. Magazines: Hobby Farms   Hobby Farms

Published By: Eg Media Investments Llc

$21.95 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $7.99 (List Price: $29.94)
Editorial Reviews

3. Magazines: Countryside & Small Stock Journal   Countryside & Small Stock Journal

Published By: Countryside Publications Ltd

$19.99 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $3.71 (List Price: $23.70)
 Countryside - the magazine of modern homesteading - is written for those that are actively involved in their country lifestyles. The publication features many articles covering every aspect of hobby farming and self-reliant living.

4. Magazines: Chickens   Chickens

Published By: Eg Media Investments Llc

$26.95 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe
 Your trusted source for all things chickens Nutrition, health and well being Egg care, collection, and consumption How-to's and valuable advice Entertaining photos

5. Magazines: Acres USA   Acres USA

Published By: Acres USA

$29.00 for 12 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $30.40 (List Price: $59.40)
 Acres U.S.A. is the national magazine of organic and sustainable farming. In continuous publication for over 35 years, Acres U.S.A. reaches more commercial-scale organic and sustainable farmers than any other publication in North …

6. Magazines: Successful Farming   Successful Farming

Published By: Meredith

$15.95 for 14 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe
 Successful Farming helps farmers make money, save time, and grow their farming business through informational articles that cover all angles of the industry. This agriculture magazine focuses its content on issues farmers care about such as business …

7. Magazines: Farm Collector   Farm Collector

Published By: Ogden Publications Inc

$30.00 for 12 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $29.88 (List Price: $59.88)
 Farm Collector is a monthly publication celebrating vintage farm equipment. Since 1998, Farm Collector has featured unique collections, extensive renovation projects, early farm practices and related attractions.

8. Magazines: Farm World   Farm World

Published By: Midcountry Media Inc

$52.00 for 51 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe
 Farm World has been published 51 weeks a year, every Wednesday, since 1955. Farm World newspaper is the source for farmers and agribusinesses in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Farm World's weekly features include regional …

9. Magazines: Small Farm Today : Total Concept Small Farming Gardening & R   Small Farm Today : Total Concept Small Farming Gardening & R

Published By: Missouri Farm Publishing Inc

$23.95 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe
 Discusses alternative and traditional crops, livestock, and direct marketing, designed to help make small and family farmers profitable and sustainable.

10. Magazines: Hobby Farms   Hobby Farms

Published By: EG Media

$15.00 for issues   • More Details   • Subscribe
 Hobby Farms is a bimonthly magazine highlighting rural living for pleasure and profit for hobby farmers, small production farmers and those passionate about the country. At Hobby Farms, we know that growing healthy food and maintaining a sustainable farm …

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