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1. Magazines: National Geographic Kids   National Geographic Kids

Published By: National Geographic Partners LLC

$15.00 for 10 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $24.50 (List Price: $39.50)
 National Geographic Kids magazine is aimed at young readers from six years and up who want to find out more about the world around them. The magazine contains a superb blend of photos, fun facts, and articles presented in a cheery style, making it …

2. Magazines: National Geographic Little Kids   National Geographic Little Kids

Published By: National Geographic Partners LLC

$15.00 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $8.70 (List Price: $23.70)
 Enrich your child's appreciation of the natural world with National Geographic Little Kids magazine. This magazine is primarily aimed at preschoolers, and kids from ages three to six will enjoy the content. It includes articles on animals from around the …

3. Magazines: Sports Illustrated Kids   Sports Illustrated Kids

Published By: Meredith Corporation

$20.97 for 12 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $33.92 (List Price: $54.89)
 Sports Illustrated KIDS Magazine is an exciting publication for kids ages eight to fourteen, and it is widely read by more than seven million young sports fans. Recognized by Parent's Choice and the Educational Press for excellence in publishing, the …

4. Magazines: Highlights High Five   Highlights High Five

Published By: Highlights for Children

$29.99 for 12 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $5.00 (List Price: $34.99)
 From the publishers of Highlights for Children magazine comes a fun publication for kids ages two through six, Highlights High Five magazine. This magazine focuses on your child's development by giving you fun activities to complete together. You and …

5. Magazines: Highlights for Children   Highlights for Children

Published By: Highlights for Children

$29.99 for 12 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $5.00 (List Price: $34.99)
 From science projects to puzzles and other fun games, Highlights for Children engages readers with content meant to stimulate creativity and critical thinking skills. Buy now and rest assured that children in your waiting room will have wholesome content …

6. Magazines: Girls World   Girls World

Published By: American Media Inc

$19.97 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $9.97 (List Price: $29.94)

7. Magazines: Ranger Rick Jr.   Ranger Rick Jr.

Published By: National Wildlife Federation

$24.95 for 10 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $24.95 (List Price: $49.90)
 Your Big Backyard magazine is full of animal fun and facts your child will find fascinating. It is uniquely designed for those four to seven years of age. Your Big Backyard magazine includes activities and simple stories that both entertain and educate. …

8. Magazines: Ranger Rick   Ranger Rick

Published By: National Wildlife Federation

$24.95 for 10 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $24.95 (List Price: $49.90)
 Give your child the gift of wildlife adventure with Ranger Rick magazine, published by the National Wildlife Foundation. Intended to instill a passion for nature and promote outdoor activities for kids ages seven and up, this magazine's ten issues per …

9. Magazines: Ask   Ask

Published By: Cricket Media

$24.95 for 9 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $19.50 (List Price: $44.45)
 ASK magazine is an innovative children's publication that focuses on the arts and sciences. Geared at children age's seven to ten, it includes topics and themes that children have a natural curiosity about, such as the human body, Earth, animals, and …

10. Magazines: Boys' Life   Boys' Life

Published By: Boy Scouts of America

$24.00 for 12 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $23.40 (List Price: $47.40)
 Since 1911, Boy's Life Magazine has been entertaining and educating America's youth with a focus on the traditional values of citizenship and service. The official publication of the Boy Scouts of America is specifically geared for boys between the ages …

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