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Top : Teens ››

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1. Magazines: Seventeen   Seventeen

Published By: Hearst Magazines

$10.00 for 5 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $4.95 (List Price: $14.95)
 Seventeen magazine is one of the leading teen magazines on the market. It includes everything today's teens need to know about the latest fashion and beauty trends, hot celebrity gossip, tips on managing their love lives, and helpful advice about …

2. Magazines: J-14   J-14

Published By: Bauer Publishing

$14.97 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $24.93 (List Price: $39.90)
 For all the teen celebrity news that's hot enough to print, turn to J-14 Magazine. Launched in 2001, J-14 Magazine has grown to a circulation of over six hundred thousand. In addition to teen celebrity news and interviews, the magazine features fashion …

3. Magazines: Girls' Life   Girls' Life

Published By: Girls Life Acquisition Corporation

$20.00 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $15.94 (List Price: $35.94)
 Girls are different, and they're interested in different things. That's why publications like Girls' Life magazine are important to young women. Girls' Life covers positive, fun issues relevant to preteen and teenage girls: boys, health, fashion, …

4. Magazines: Justine Magazine   Justine Magazine

Published By: Justeen Llc

$17.95 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $5.99 (List Price: $23.94)
 Justine stands out from all the rest of today's teen 'zines, as she accentuates the positive aspects of teens through uplifting and interesting content in a non-offensive manner while featuring affordable fashion and beauty geared to real teens.

5. Magazines: Alternative Press   Alternative Press

Published By: Alternative Press Magazine, Inc.

$10.00 for 12 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $61.88 (List Price: $71.88)

Story Monsters Ink is an award-winning magazine that gives kids, parents, and educators the latest news on debut books and products, celebrity and independent author profiles, book reviews, recipes, activities and more! Each issue also features a …

6. Magazines: Cicada   Cicada

Published By: Cricket Media

$29.95 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $14.60 (List Price: $44.55)
 Cicada is a magazine for teenagers and young adults offering high-quality fiction and poetry dealing with the issues of growing up, leaving the joys and pains of childhood behind, and becoming an adult. It is filled with enough different ideas, styles, …

7. Magazines: PeopleStyle   PeopleStyle

Published By: Time Direct Ventures

for 11 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $54.89 (List Price: $54.89)

Who Reads People …

8. Magazines: Monster High   Monster High

Published By: Titan Publishing

$29.94 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

9. Magazines: CosmoGIRL! (1-year)   CosmoGIRL! (1-year)

for issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

10. Magazines: Geo Ado   Geo Ado

Published By: Milan Presse

$101.33 for 12 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $13.89 (List Price: $115.22)

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