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51. Magazines: OWL   OWL

Published By: Owlkids

$35.00 for 10 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $17.50 (List Price: $52.50)
 OWL is loaded with fascinating articles and amazing facts for 9 to 13 yr olds. Each issue includes science behind how things work, quizzes, contests, and topics on everyday life. With breaking news stories and mind-boggling puzzles, it's a …

52. Magazines: Analog Science Fiction & Fact   Analog Science Fiction & Fact

Published By: Penny Press

$34.97 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $20.93 (List Price: $55.90)
 Provides an unbeatable combination of stimulating fiction stories, provocative editorials, and fascinating science-fact articles. Explore the boundaries of the imagination beginning at the frontiers of actual scientific research.

53. Magazines: Weekly Standard   Weekly Standard

Published By: Weekly Standard

$64.00 for 48 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $173.60 (List Price: $237.60)
 Serves as a forum for the exchange of conservative ideas. Also contains investigative reports, late-breaking news, opinions, and commentary.

54. Magazines: Tropical Fish Hobbyist   Tropical Fish Hobbyist

Published By: Tfh Publications Inc

$28.00 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $32.00 (List Price: $60.00)
 The World's Leading Aquarium Magazine for Over Half a Century, has been the best source of accurate, fascinating, up-to-the-minute information on the aquarium hobby, from small freshwater tanks to wall-sized reef tanks and even beautifully landscaped …

55. Magazines: Arabian Horse World   Arabian Horse World

Published By: Arabian Horse World

$40.00 for 12 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $44.00 (List Price: $84.00)
 Equine magazine devoted to all aspects of the Arabian breed including care, health, breeding, horsemanship, showmanship and the Arabian horse industry in general.

56. Magazines: Science News   Science News

Published By: Soc for Science & the Public

$50.00 for 23 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe

You save $53.24 (List Price: $103.24)
 Science News, published by the nonprofit Society for Science & the Public, offers concise, comprehensive coverage of the latest in science. Subscribing members receive 26 issues of award-winning content in print and digital, have premier online access, …

57. Magazines: National Geographic en Español   National Geographic en Español

Published By: ET Publishing International, LLC

$11.99 for issues   • More Details   • Subscribe
 National Geographic en Español es la fuente inagotable de experiencias impactantes y novedosas. Ofrece artículos que narran la belleza, el misterio y las crudas realidades de la vida en la tierra. Por 125 años ha sido un medio de información preciso y …

58. Magazines: Sheep Magazine   Sheep Magazine

Published By: Countryside Publications Ltd

$24.99 for 6 issues   • More Details   • Subscribe
 sheep! Magazine is a flock master s best source of information for what is happening in the sheep industry. It is a must-have to run your sheep operation profitably and efficiently.

59. Magazines: All About Space   All About Space

Published By: Imagine Publishing Limited

$32.99 for issues   • More Details   • Subscribe
 Every issue All About Space delivers fascinating articles and features on all aspects of space and space travel with mind-blowing photography and full-colour illustrations that bring the amazing universe around us to life.

60. Magazines: Womankind   Womankind

Published By: The Bull Media Company

$20.99 for issues   • More Details   • Subscribe
 Womankind is an advertising free publication filled with art, photography, philosophy, psychology, and insights on how to live a more fulfilling life.

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