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Below you will find a growing selection of book reviews and news, gathered from around the Internet. This is an expanded version of the book reviews which accompany many of our other pages. The list is updated daily with the most recent reviews as we locate them. Although some of the sites listed below may request that you register with them prior to accessing their reviews, none of the sites we list make any charge for registration.

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26.Chicago book news: Jeffery Renard Allen shortlisted for PEN/Faulkner Award
Jeffery Renard Allen's novel "Song of the Shank" is one of five finalists for the 2015 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction. "Song of the Shank" is a fictionalized account of 19th century piano prodigy "Blind Tom" Wiggins, who was born into slavery in 1840s Georgia. Allen was born and raised in...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 19th March, 2015

27.George R.R. Martin, at work on new book, won't attend 2015 Comic-Con
George R.R. Martin has good news and bad news for "Game of Thrones" fans who hoped to catch a glimpse of the author at San Diego Comic-Con International this year. The bad news: He probably won't be there. The good news: He's skipping this year's event to focus on writing "The Winds of Winter,"...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Wednesday, 18th March, 2015

28.Review: 'Welcome to Braggsville' by T. Geronimo Johnson
In the opening scenes of T. Geronimo Johnson's genre-busting second novel, Georgia boy D'aron Davenport has no idea how much trouble is headed his way. D'aron and three friends from the University of California at Berkeley are traveling to his hometown of Braggsville, Ga., for its Pride Week...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 12th March, 2015

29.Review: 'The Whites' by Richard Price writing as Harry Brandt
When Richard Price adopted the pen name Harry Brandt for his new novel, "The Whites," this practitioner of hard-edged literary fiction ("Clockers," "Freedomland") did so thinking it would help ease him into a generic mode. But as someone who writes so much from the gut, with such an expansive...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 12th March, 2015

30.Fantasy author Terry Pratchett dies at 66
Fantasy writer Terry Pratchett, creator of the "Discworld" series and author of more than 70 books, has died. He was 66.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 12th March, 2015

31.Review: 'Lacy Eye' by Jessica Treadway
While her older sister excelled on the athletic fields, in classrooms and at parties, Dawn was that girl who just never quite fit in. Maybe it was her amblyopia,the condition otherwise known as lazy eye, but maybe there was something more going on?
 Chicago Tribune ~ Friday, 6th March, 2015

32.Review: 'The Future of the Catholic Church With Pope Francis' by Garry Wills
"The Future of the Catholic Church With Pope Francis," Garry Wills' new book, isn't really about Pope Francis, though that surprising man from Argentina figures in the story, nor is it a book about the future of the Catholic Church. But once you get past that rather misleading title —...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th March, 2015

33.Review: 'World Gone By' by Dennis Lehane
"I f—ing love being a gangster!" says Rico, one of the lower-level crime bosses in Dennis Lehane's terrific "World Gone By." Now, there's something you never hear the gloomy dons in "The Godfather" and "The Sopranos" utter. Rico doesn't just love the life because he gets to shoot people...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th March, 2015

34.Highlights at this year's Story Week
Story Week is easy to love. Presented by the Columbia College Department of Creative Writing — this year March 15-21 — the annual festival features seven days of readings, publishing panels and writing workshops, all of which are free and open to the public.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th March, 2015

35.Veronica Roth writing new book series
Veronica Roth fans can start the countdown.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Monday, 2nd March, 2015

36.Review: 'Aquarium' by David Vann
"A beautiful book." This coded and cliched phrase, usually associated with a novel, generally speaks to an elegant use of language, a finely chiseled work of imagination.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Friday, 27th February, 2015

37.Review: 'The Buried Giant' by Kazuo Ishiguro
If I had to nominate one novel from the last 50 years for preservation, it would be "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro. It's probably the wrong choice — a book without the vast synoptic intelligence of David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest" or the irritated multigenerational empathy of...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 26th February, 2015

38.Review: 'H Is for Hawk' by Helen Macdonald
Helen Macdonald's "H Is for Hawk" is one of a kind, unless there are other grief memoirs/falconry tales/literary analyses out there.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 26th February, 2015

39.Review: 'Lincoln's Greatest Case' by Brian McGinty
On the Mississippi River, between Rock Island, Ill., and Davenport, Iowa, a steamboat crashed into the first railroad bridge ever built across the river. The impact caused the boat, known as the Effie Afton, to explode into flames and sink into the river.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Friday, 20th February, 2015

40.30 days and 30 nights to write
How 3 Chicago authors jumpstarted their latest novels
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 19th February, 2015

41.'Queen of Crime' Sara Blaedel translates passion for genre into literary success
Just two months into 2015, and Sara Blaedel already is having quite a year. The Danish author recently won the Golden Laurel award, Denmark's most prestigious literary award.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 19th February, 2015

42.James McGrath Morris on Ethel Payne, 'Eye on the Struggle'
Although white Chicagoans knew little about Ethel Payne, a city reporter and later Washington correspondent for the Chicago Defender in the 1950s and '60s, African-Americans here and around the country came to venerate her as the most prominent female black journalist of her day. Late in...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 19th February, 2015

43.Review: 'Lucky Alan' by Jonathan Lethem
Jonathan Lethem's imagination seemingly knows no bounds. Having published science-fiction novels and stories early in his career, he has gained more mainstream recognition with the critical and popular successes of novels such as "Motherless Brooklyn" and "The Fortress of Solitude." Nonetheless...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 19th February, 2015

44.'Grand Budapest Hotel' special among Oscar-nominated screenplays
This year's Academy Award-nominated screenplays in the "adapted" category include a trio of variously effective and affecting whitewash jobs based on real people ("American Sniper," "The Imitation Game," "The Theory of Everything"); a ripping melodrama taken from a short film designed to...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 19th February, 2015

45.Recently discovered Dr. Seuss book coming out in July
More than 20 years after his death, there is still plenty of news about Dr. Seuss.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Wednesday, 18th February, 2015

46.Review: 'Jam on the Vine' by LaShonda Katrice Barnett
So many historical novels read like connect-the-dots puzzles or costume dramas, so one that is fresh, original and time-travels to an undiscovered past is a real discovery.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Friday, 13th February, 2015

47.Review: 'Blood-Drenched Beard' by Daniel Galera
In Daniel Galera's "Blood-Drenched Beard," a young man travels to the small fishing village of Garopaba to investigate a mysterious death. This translation is a U.S. debut for Galera, a Brazilian author with three other novels under his belt. In his story, the mysterious death is that of the...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 12th February, 2015

48.Kim Gordon on her new memoir, 'Girl in a Band'
Kim Gordon is a founding member of Sonic Youth, visual artist, feminist icon, mother and fashion trendsetter. Now she can now add "memoirist" to her list of accomplishments. Her new "Girl in a Band," not only offers insight into music, art, the shifting tides of underground culture and the...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 12th February, 2015

49.Review: 'A Spool of Blue Thread' by Anne Tyler
There was a time when the favorite way to put down Anne Tyler was to refer to her novels as "middlebrow." Particularly in the 1980s, a decade of triumphs that began with "Morgan's Passing" and continued with "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant," "The Accidental Tourist" and the Pulitzer...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 12th February, 2015

50.Review: 'Believer' by David Axelrod
For most of Barack Obama's meteoric political career, David Axelrod was the guy. He was the rumpled fella over there in the corner plotting the next move. How to spin it, sell it, defend it, bury it. Whatever the occasion called for. It was Axelrod who produced "Yes we can!" when Obama was...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Monday, 9th February, 2015

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