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Below you will find a growing selection of book reviews and news, gathered from around the Internet. This is an expanded version of the book reviews which accompany many of our other pages. The list is updated daily with the most recent reviews as we locate them. Although some of the sites listed below may request that you register with them prior to accessing their reviews, none of the sites we list make any charge for registration.

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26.Review: 'Summer House With Swimming Pool' by Herman Koch
Forget the seasonally appealing title — Koch's novel is a dark and disturbing journey into the darkness
 Chicago Tribune ~ Friday, 13th June, 2014

27.See our Printers Row Lit Fest liveblog!
Join our live blog of Printers Row Lit Fest as we bring you tons of content from the 30th annual book fair in the historic Printers Row neighborhood.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Sunday, 8th June, 2014

28.Reader-author bond strengthens Lit Fest
In 1985, Chicago's tempo was changing. Both politically and culturally, the city on the make was on the move.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Sunday, 8th June, 2014

29.Walking the floor of BookExpo America with James Patterson
Just before merging into the convention floor, James Patterson, world's best-selling author, looks up at the hockey-rink sized banners hanging above the entryway to the BookExpo America 2014.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th June, 2014

30.Review: 'Wynne's War' by Aaron Gwyn
"Wynne's War" opens with an epigraph from Cormac McCarthy's "All the Pretty Horses": "no man who has not gone to war horseback can ever truly understand the horse."
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th June, 2014

31.Review: 'The Vacationers' by Emma Straub
Surely, when Tolstoy wrote that "every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way" he was thinking about the myriad of ways families wreak havoc on the most idyllic of summer holidays.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th June, 2014

32.Bill and Willie Geist on 'Good Talk, Dad'
The Geists, who will appear at Printers Row Lit Fest, poke fun at their lack of traditional father-son bonding
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th June, 2014

33.Maya Angelou's lingering hum
The electric sound of the poet's work won't soon be forgotten
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th June, 2014

34.Author Stuart Dybek: Chicago's storyteller
The way Stuart Dybek tells it, on the night that he decided to become a writer, the moon rose full and bright over Lake Michigan. It had not been an easy decision.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th June, 2014

35.Cristina Henriquez on 'The Book of Unknown Americans'
Chicago author's new novel explores the stories of ordinary immigrants — stories she believes are too often invisible
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th June, 2014

36.Narcoliterature explores realities of Mexico's drug culture
In Mexico, the drug culture has spawned a genre of its own: Narcoliterature -- a blend of fiction and, in some cases, investigative journalism.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th June, 2014

37.Lit Fest authors reflect on books tied to 1985
In 1985, in a South Loop neighborhood once the hub of Chicago publishing, a group of book lovers started a book fair. Thirty years later, that book fair has grown into Printers Row Lit Fest, the highlight of Chicago's literary calendar.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th June, 2014

38.Patterson's passion: getting kids to read
James Patterson has made youth literacy his passion — as his time and money prove
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 5th June, 2014

39.Reviews: 'Paper Lantern' and 'Ecstatic Cahoots' by Stuart Dybek
Chicago native Dybek returns with two story collections steeped in the language of perception
 Chicago Tribune ~ Friday, 30th May, 2014

40.Review: 'Michael Jordan: The Life' by Roland Lazenby
In this definitive biography, Lazenby wastes no time establishing MJ's significance: "(He) left just about everyone agog at his spectacle."
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 29th May, 2014

41.Review: 'No Place to Hide' by Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Greenwald, one of the reporters who broke the story of whistleblower Edward Snowden, has released his behind-the-scenes account of the events related to the leaking of classified documents outlining the NSA's extensive digital surveillance program.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 29th May, 2014

42.Review: 'Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore' by Walter Mosley
Resurrection of a different, more life-affirming kind is the platform on which Walter Mosley sets his new novel, a sexually explicit stand-alone that dares us to condemn its heroine. But Debbie Dare has the steely backbone to stand with others in the pantheon of Mosley's characters.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 29th May, 2014

43.Lit Fest preview: 5 authors to watch
The human body is a temple, a work of art, a trap. For the writer, it's great material, and several authors at this year's Printers Row Lit Fest explore it in their work.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 29th May, 2014

44.Review: 'Lost for Words' by Edward St. Aubyn
The novels of Edward St. Aubyn would translate well to the stage with the vicious repartee of his characters. "Lost for Words," by comparison, is more like a sitcom.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 29th May, 2014

45.Favorite memories from 30 years of Lit Fest
Printers Row Lit Fest turns 30 this year, so we asked participants to recall a favorite memory from the event's past. Here's what they told us.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 29th May, 2014

46.Review: 'The Possibilities' by Kaui Hart Hemmings
Fans of Hemmings' best-selling novel "The Descendants" will notice thematic similarities in her second novel, "The Possibilities." But why shouldn't it follow a similar path?
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 29th May, 2014

47.Review: 'Once I Was Cool' by Megan Stielstra
Megan Stielstra's new essay collection, "Once I Was Cool," isn't just edgy and funny; it also inspires you to think and ask.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 29th May, 2014

48.2014 Printers Row Lit Fest schedule
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 29th May, 2014

49.Maya Angelou, famed poet and activist, dies at 86
American author and poet Maya Angelou, an eloquent commentator on race and gender best known for her groundbreaking autobiography "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," has died at age 86 in North Carolina.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 29th May, 2014

50.A Widow's Quiet Life Leaves Room For Sex, Guns And Literature
Not much happens in An Unnecessary Woman, Lebanese-American author Rabih Alameddine's novel about an elderly recluse who spends her time reading and translating. But what does happen shows a life in all its mundane, unconventional brilliance.
 NPR (National Public Radio) ~ Tuesday, 4th February, 2014

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