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Below you will find a growing selection of book reviews and news, gathered from around the Internet. This is an expanded version of the book reviews which accompany many of our other pages. The list is updated daily with the most recent reviews as we locate them. Although some of the sites listed below may request that you register with them prior to accessing their reviews, none of the sites we list make any charge for registration.

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26.'Fifty Shades of Grey' sequel to be published June 18
E L James is back for more.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Monday, 1st June, 2015

27.Bestselling author James Patterson launches a children's book imprint
He has written more than a dozen children's books and given away hundreds of thousands. He's launched a pro-reading website, funded teacher scholarships and donated more than $2.5 million to bookstores with children's sections and school libraries.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Friday, 29th May, 2015

28.Edward P. Jones on receiving the Harold Washington Literary Award
Although Edward P. Jones has produced only three books of fiction in his long career — the short story collections "Lost in the City" (1992) and "All Aunt Hagar's Children" (2006) and the novel "The Known World" (2003), which won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award — he...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 28th May, 2015

29.Review: 'The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty' by Vendela Vida
Vendela Vida began building a micro-genre all her own with 2003's "And Now You Can Go," a novel about a young woman struggling to make sense of a brutal encounter with a gun-toting stranger. Vida's next two novels, "Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name" and "The Lovers," poked further into the...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 28th May, 2015

30.Me, My Shelf and I: Marci Merola
Stories of unsung artists, poets and political activists, particularly those of Italian and Mexican descent, populate the bookshelves of Marci Merola's Logan Square condo.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 28th May, 2015

31.Bob Saget on 'Dirty Daddy'
Because of his role as a single dad on the long-running ABC sitcom "Full House" and his concurrent hosting of "America's Funniest Home Videos," Bob Saget seemed squeaky clean to millions of Americans — especially those who had never seen his sometimes raunchy stand-up routines in Las Vegas or comedy...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 21st May, 2015

32.Printers Row Lit Fest preview: Lil' Lit Park
Kids who associate books with bedtime yawns will have a raucous awakening at Printers Row Lit Fest.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 21st May, 2015

33.Review: 'Her 37th Year, An Index' by Suzanne Scanlon
On the final two pages of her lyrical and slim — but far from slight — semi-autobiographical novella, "Her 37th Year, An Index," Suzanne Scanlon acknowledges no fewer than 48 "other writers and texts I've copied, (mis)quoted, reformulated, or otherwise invoked in the creation of this book." This...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 21st May, 2015

34.Review: 'Misbehaving' by Richard H. Thaler
Want a good short-hand introduction to (some of) the insights of behavioral economics? Try this one, courtesy of Richard H. Thaler's "Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economic": "(W)e experience life in terms of changes, we feel diminishing sensitivity to both gains and losses, and losses...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 21st May, 2015

35.Me, My Shelf and I: Evangeline McMullen and Michael Nuhn
The focal point of Evangeline McMullen and Michael Nuhn's Lincoln Square apartment is, unquestionably, the floor-to-ceiling custom bookshelves lining one wall of their dining room.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 21st May, 2015

36.2015 Printers Row Lit Fest schedule, member tickets released
 Chicago Tribune ~ Monday, 18th May, 2015

37.2015 Printers Row Lit Fest info, schedule
 Chicago Tribune ~ Monday, 18th May, 2015

38.Printers Row Lit Fest to be June 6-7
LeVar Burton leads the headliners at the annual celebration of books and ideas
 Chicago Tribune ~ Friday, 15th May, 2015

39.Think you missed the adult coloring book craze? Think again
There's no denying it: Coloring books for adults are not going away.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 14th May, 2015

40.Review: 'The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic' by Jessica Hopper
The show-business saying "everyone's a critic" came into common usage in the middle of the last century, but it's arguably never been more true than now. In our era of Yelp and Amazon, Twitter and Facebook, every literate person with a reliable Internet connection can opine on every commodifiable...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 14th May, 2015

41.Review: 'Seveneves' by Neal Stephenson
No one will accuse Neal Stephenson of being a minimalist. His ambitious "Baroque Cycle" historical series added up to nearly 2,700 pages, and even the overblown 2011 technothriller "Reamde" clocked in at more than 1,000. But when Stephenson finds a theme commensurate with his ambition, all those...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 14th May, 2015

42.Review: 'Mislaid' by Nell Zink
Profiles of Nell Zink, of which there are many, can be as dizzying to read as her books. The one-time author of an animal-themed, post-punk fanzine, she addressed all her fiction for decades solely to one man, Israeli writer Avner Shats. While living in Berlin, she bonded with Jonathan Franzen...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 14th May, 2015

43.My, My Shelf and I: Mare Swallow
"I don't have a very unusual collection," Mare Swallow says of the books in her Andersonville home. "One thing about my husband and me is we're purgers. I only hang on to a book if it really means something, or I'm dying to meet the author and get it signed someday."
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 14th May, 2015

44.Review: 'Women of Karantina' by Nael Eltoukhy
Nael Eltoukhy's "Women of Karantina" revels in the violence and treachery committed by its female crime bosses, divided over the 60 years the novel spans. While this is not the Egyptian writer's first novel, its over-the-top rendering of the struggles of Alexandria's crime families has set it apart....
 Chicago Tribune ~ Tuesday, 12th May, 2015

45.Caldecott-winning illustrator Marcia Brown, 96, has died
Children's book illustrator Marcia Brown died April 28 in Laguna Hills, according to publisher Simon
 Chicago Tribune ~ Friday, 8th May, 2015

46.Authors recommend books for Mother's Day
In honor of Mother's Day, we asked a few authors about what books resonate with them as mothers. Here's what they said.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Friday, 8th May, 2015

47.Me, My Shelf and I: Tom Leavens
Step into Tom Leavens' home library and you get a pretty clear picture of what kind of law Leavens practices.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 7th May, 2015

48.'Reflections From Hell': Richard Lewis on how not to live
His neuroses are famous. For decades, we have watched Richard Lewis prowl stages, nervously running his fingers through long strands of gnarly hair as he bemoaned his childhood, his romantic entanglements, his paranoia, his physical maladies, his imagined maladies and his other, uncounted miseries....
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 7th May, 2015

49.David McCullough on 'The Wright Brothers'
Few days in history can rival Dec. 17, 1903, in terms of its profound effect on what came afterward.
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 7th May, 2015

50.Review: 'Paris, He Said' by Christine Sneed
May-December romances are an enduring trope in popular culture. With Jane Eyre, we swooned over the brooding Mr. Rochester in Charlotte Bronte's 19th century gothic novel, and we were charmed by Megan Calvet, the ingénue who graduated from receptionist to wife of the equally brooding, middle-aged...
 Chicago Tribune ~ Thursday, 7th May, 2015

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