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1. Addiction & Recovery for Dummies at BookCloseouts.com Addiction & Recovery for Dummies
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN-10: 0764576259     ISBN-13: 9780764576256    
Description: Evaluate medications and treatment programs

Break free from addictive substances or behaviors and get a fresh start

Think you have an addiction? This compassionate guide helps you identify the problem and work towards a healthy, realistic approach to recovery, explaining the latest clinical and self-help treatments for both adults and teens. This book also offers tips on reducing cravings, handling your relationships, and staying well for the long run.

Discover how to Identify the reasons for addiction Choose the best treatment plan Handle slips and relapses Detect addictions in a loved one Find help and support

 • Lowest New Price: $5.99 US Dollars    
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2. The Addiction Solution at BookCloseouts.com The Addiction Solution
Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN-10: 1609611837     ISBN-13: 9781609611835    
Description: The Addiction Solution introduces a revolutionary scientific breakthrough in treating addiction based on a new medical paradigm that finally frees patients from the treadmill of addiction.  Written in plain language with engaging illustrations and easy-to-read charts and graphs, this book clarifies and explains everything anyone ever touched by the disease of addiction needs to know – from its recently revealed genetic determination to the newly developed medical treatment (and complementary behavioral therapies) that successfully target the biochemical issues that are its root cause.  In recent years, an explosion in biomedical technology ushered in amazing new technology, allowing scientists to both “read” DNA and “see” brain chemistry in ways never before possible. It’s now been scientifically proven that addiction is an inherited, neuro-chemical disease originating in brain chemistry, determined by genetics, and triggered by stress. The Addiction Solution moves step-by-step through the most basic levels of the new paradigm and all the other issues surrounding addiction that must now be reevaluated and often redefined in light of this extraordinary leap forward. As such, it’s the new starting point for unlocking the puzzle of how addiction really works and how it can be successfully treated. It draws composite case histories to illustrate how the innovative Personal Recovery Program works in practice, customizing treatment for each of a diverse group of addicts abusing a wide variety of different substances – from the first day of treatment to its successful resolution.  The Addiction Solution is a complete consumer guide to a world made brand new by the enormous – some say “miraculous” - paradigm shift in the treatment of addiction.
 • Lowest New Price: $5.99 US Dollars    
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3. An Anatomy of Addiction at BookCloseouts.com An Anatomy of Addiction
Publisher: Pantheon Books
ISBN-10: 0375423303     ISBN-13: 9780375423307    

From acclaimed medical historian Howard Markel, author ofWhen Germs Travel,the astonishing account of the years-long cocaine use of Sigmund Freud, young, ambitious neurologist, and William Halsted, the equally young, pathfinding surgeon. Markel writes of the physical and emotional damage caused by the then-heralded wonder drug, and how each man ultimately changed the world in spite of it—or because of it. One became the father of psychoanalysis; the other, of modern surgery.
Both men were practicing medicine at the same time in the 1880s: Freud at the Vienna General Hospital, Halsted at New York’s Bellevue Hospital. Markel writes that Freud began to experiment with cocaine as a way of studying its therapeutic uses—as an antidote for the overprescribed morphine, which had made addicts of so many, and as a treatment for depression.
Halsted, an acclaimed surgeon even then, was curious about cocaine’s effectiveness as an anesthetic and injected the drug into his arm to prove his theory. Neither Freud nor Halsted, nor their colleagues, had any idea of the drug’s potential to dominate and endanger their lives. Addiction as a bona fide medical diagnosis didn’t even exist in the elite medical circles they inhabited.
InAn Anatomy of Addiction,Markel writes about the life and work of each man, showing how each came to know about cocai≠ how Freud found that the drug cured his indigestion, dulled his aches, and relieved his depression. The author writes that Freud, after a few months of taking the magical drug, published a treatise on it,Über Coca,in which he described his “most gorgeous excitement.” The paper marked a major shift in Freud’s work: he turned from studying the anatomy of the brain to exploring the human psyche.
Halsted, one of the most revered of American surgeons, became the head of surgery at the newly built Johns Hopkins Hospital and then professor of surgery, the hospital’s most exalted position, committing himself repeatedly to Butler Hospital, an insane asylum, to withdraw from his out-of control cocaine use.
Halsted invented modern surgery as we know it today: devising new ways to safely invade the body in search of cures and pioneering modern surgical techniques that controlled bleeding and promoted healing. He insisted on thorough hand washing, on scrub-downs and whites for doctors and nurses, on sterility in the operating room—even inventing the surgical glove, which he designed and had the Goodyear Rubber Company make for him—accomplishing all of this as he struggled to conquer his unyielding desire for cocaine.
An Anatomy of Addictiontells the tragic and heroic story of each man, accidentally struck down in his prime by an insidious malady: tragic because of the time, relationships, and health cocaine forced each

 • Lowest New Price: $4.99 US Dollars    
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4. The Truth about Addiction & Recovery at BookCloseouts.com The Truth about Addiction & Recovery
Publisher: Fireside Books
ISBN-10: 0671755307     ISBN-13: 9780671755300    
Description: In this revolutionary analysis of addiction, Peele and Brodsky draw on years of research to refute the contention that addictions are biologically based diseases that last a lifetime. Examining addiction within the context of people's lives, they show that addictive behavior is a way of coping with situational stress--and that it can be overcome without medical treatment or 12-step groups. SC, 430 pages.
 • Lowest New Price: $5.49 US Dollars    
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5. Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone at BookCloseouts.com Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone
Publisher: Warner Books
ISBN-10: 1594830231     ISBN-13: 9781594830235    
Description: "So many people today have an unhealthy need for affirmation and are unable to feel good about themselves without it. These ""approval addicts"" spend their time in a constant struggle with low self-esteem and emotional turmoil - which leads to major problems in their relationships with others. In her latest audiobook, Joyce Meyer provides a path to release from the overwhelming need for acceptance from the outside world - an acceptance that is unfulfilling and leads only to disappointment. Through an analysis of what makes an ""approval addict"" and ways to find release from specific character traits that foster addiction, Joyce provides a supportive voice and a personal understanding of the effect of insecurity in one's life. Her abiding message is that God provides all the affirmation anyone needs, and through Him they can attain freedom. Abridged on 5 compact discs. Read by Pat Lentz."
 • Lowest New Price: $9.99 US Dollars    
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6. Stage II Recovery: Life Beyond Addiction at BookCloseouts.com Stage II Recovery: Life Beyond Addiction
Publisher: HarperCollins Publisher
ISBN-10: 0866834605     ISBN-13: 9780866834605    
Description: Earnie Larsen, a dynamic speaker and a pioneer thinker in the field of chemical dependency, says that sustained abstinence from an addiction is only the first stage of recovery. Real recovery begins with what he calls Stage II - the rebuilding of the life that was saved in Stage I. This inspiring, practical guide offers breakthrough information on how to see and change learned self-defeating behavior and make relationships work - which is at the core of full recovery.
 • Lowest New Price: $3.99 US Dollars    
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7. Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn at BookCloseouts.com Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
ISBN-10: 0061662496     ISBN-13: 9780061662492    
Description: From Korn's legendary bassist comes a no-holds-barred look at the extreme highs and drug-and-booze-fueled lows of the biggest heavy metal band of our era
 • Lowest New Price: $3.99 US Dollars    
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