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King John (The New Cambridge Shakespeare)

King John (The New Cambridge Shakespeare) at Amazon.co.uk

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ISBN: 0521293871 - King John (The New Cambridge Shakespeare)  
Title:King John (The New Cambridge Shakespeare)
Author:William Shakespeare
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Type:Book / Paperback
Publication Date:25 May, 1990
ISBN / ISBN-13:0521293871  /  9780521293877
List Price:£8.99
Your Price:£8.99     Purchase

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Editorial Review / Publisher's Information:

Product Description
L A Beaurline (Editor) King John had a distinguished life on the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century stage, but for most of this century the play has been undervalued. The introduction to this edition presents the fullest account to date of the stage history, with accompanying illustrations to suggest the dramatic potential of the script. The play's political importance, its rich and varied language, and its skilful design suggest that King John deserves a high place among Shakespeare's historical canon. Publisher: Cambridge University Press Paperback ISBN 9780521293877

Amazon Review
One of Shakespeare's most unpopular history plays, King John deals with the life and death of King John, who reigned from 1199 to 1216. This is as early as Shakespeare goes in his treatment of English history, concentrating more successfully on the later 14th and 15th centuries in the plays which stretch from Richard II to Henry VI. As a result King John suffers from being so historically distant in time, as well as offering a rather weak and vacillating king, who lacks the charisma and authority of Richard III or Henry V. The play begins with King John struggling to retain his throne, under attack from rebellious courtiers and Philip, the king of France. As the quarrel escalates into war with France, the play begins to take on a contemporary Elizabethan flavour--the feared invasion from a foreign (Catholic) nation, and the extent to which such an invasion is based on the questionable paternity of King John (like Queen Elizabeth, John is accused of being a bastard and is excommunicated). The play is saved from its rather colourless political machinations by Philip the Bastard, John's favourite, a dramatic forerunner of dubious but charismatic malcontents like Edmund in King Lear. It is also Philip who is given the most powerful and patriotic lines, when he claims that "This England never did, nor never shall,/Lie at the proud foot of a conqueror". King John's mysterious and anticlimactic death through illness at the end of the play deflates expectations - something that could be said of the play as a whole. --Jerry Brotton

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