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If you're not able to find the links you're looking for below, then check out other ways to link to Bublos, where you'll find information on creating links which can generate Bublos Rewards Points, links which will create a link back to your own website from Bublos, and much else.

The HTML code given below can easily be cut and pasted into any web page. If you experience any difficulties, or are unsure how to proceed, then please let us know and we'll try our best to help. Note the exact style of the link (color, underlining etc) will depend on your individual Web page setup.

The code above will produce this link: Bublos.com - Compare Book Prices

If you wanted to tell a friend about Bublos via e-mail then you could just type in the full url of Bublos.com, as shown below, which will automatically create a link in most e-mail programs:

Copying the URL above into an e-mail will create the following link: http://www.bublos.com

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Bublos.com: book price comparisons

Here are some more images that you may use in your links; take note of the image name you'd like to use, and simply insert it just as in the code below, where we have a link to the first image already set up:

Compare Book Prices   Compare Book Prices   Compare Book Prices

You might also like to offer your Web-site users a direct book price comparison link - allowing you to select the ISBN of any book to create a price comparison table:

To make the code above work properly, remember to replace the 'X's with a valid ISBN, which can either be ISBN-10 or ISBN-13.

A Bublos search box is also a useful addition to any Web page, allowing visitors to quickly find book titles and to price match them:

The code above will create the Bublos search box below:

Bublos Book Price Comparisons:

For a more comprehensive search box, providing your visitors with the ability to both search for books and also compare prices, the following code is just what you need:

The code above will create the Bublos search form below, with several extra options:

Here's another search box below, with a Bublos logo, but without the geographical options:

The code above will create a Bublos search form similar to the below:

Compare Book Prices

… and you are, of course, free to release your creative spirit and create your own Bublos search box or links, by using a combination of any of the components you find throughout our site. If you do create what you think is a really cool search box, and you think that other people may like to use it, then let us know and we may post the code on this page, with a credit to your creative talents! Also, please let us know if you wish to link to other areas of the Bublos.com site, and we will be pleased to assist you in creating the links you need.


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