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My Books ~ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

 The "My Books" Feature Just Won't Work For Me …
Firstly, the most reliable method of using My Books is to create a free account with us; this avoids the necessity to use cookies. If you don't have an account, and My Books appears not to work, then the chances are that your browser is not accepting our cookies. Most modern browsers have no problems with cookies, so you may just need to upgrade your browser or to ensure your browser security settings allow cookies to be accepted. The most recent version of Internet Explorer is available from Microsoft, and the Firefox browser can be downloaded from Firefox website.

 How To Share Your Booklist …
It's very simple to share your booklist with other people, but you will need to have a free Bublos account to do so. Booklists created without an attached account cannot be shared. When you share your list, we'll provide you with a special link, onto which you can append your own list name, which could be your own name, or a college name, or course name, for example. To begin sharing your list, log into your account, go to the administration menu, and then select the "Share My Books" link. One popular usage of Bublos booklists is for teachers or faculty to create lists of the required books for their courses or colleges. This provides an ideal way to ensure that students buy the correct title, and also for students to save some money at the same time.

 Are Other People Able To Change My Booklist?
No, only you can add or remove book titles from your booklist. Even when you share your list, other people are not able to amend it, only view it: and, unless you share your list, it is not even visible to anyone else.

 Why Are Prices Sometimes Not Displayed In The List?
The most likely reason that some prices, or total cost is not being calculated is because of the way in which the books were added to My Books. Any listings in your My Books list which display "Mode" in the price column were added at a point where no price had yet been ascertained. However, we make every effort to provide the price where possible.

 Adding and Removing Book Titles From My Books:
Titles can be added to your list by selecting the appropriate "Save" links which can be found around our site. Similarly, in the My Books list itself, you can select the "Remove" link to delete a listing. The "Undo Delete" link which appears in the lower portion of the page, after having removed a book title allows the previously deleted title to be restored. Books can be permanently deleted from your list by selecting the "Permanently Remove" link.

 What About Books In Currencies Other Than U.S. Dollars?
My Books will calculate the total cost of books in U.S. dollars (USD), British Pounds (GBP) and Canadian Dollars (CDN) and will maintain separate totals for each currency in your list.

 Prices In My Books Appear Different To The Bookstore Site …
The prices we provide in My Books are, with almost 100% accuracy, the correct price at the time the book was added to your My Books list. However, prices at bookstore websites can change frequently, and so we can't guarantee that the prices we provide won't change over the course of time - in fact they're likely to.

 Book Links In My Books Appear Not To Work Sometimes …
While links for new books are likely to remain active and correct for long periods of time, any links for used books, which are often sold by individuals or small bookstores, are less likely to enjoy such longevity. However, even with used books, if your link doesn't take you to the exact title, it should still take you to the correct bookstore.

 Help - My Booklist Has Disappeared!
Rest assured (with the exception of any unforseen technical difficulties or abuse) we do not remove My Books booklists. The most likely reason for your My Books list to seemingly disappear is because your Bublos cookie has been deleted from your computer. The best option is just to create a free account with us, where you won't have such cookie issues, and to start your list over again.

 Can I Have More Than One Booklist?
Currently, each free account can have only one My Books list. However, there is no limitation on you having multiple accounts (within reason), so long as you use separate e-mail addresses and usernames. This way you can have one list per account. An alternative, less robust method, is to continue using the list associated with your account, but also to create a cookie-based list in (preferably) a different browser. However, as we mention above, only booklists associated with a Bublos account can be shared with other people.

 What Is The Maximum Number Of Books I Can Save?
The maximum number of books which can be stored in any single My Books list is 100. If you try to save more than this amount a warning message will be displayed to remind you that your list is full.

 Will I Lose My Existing Booklist When Creating An Account?
In a word, no. If you have been using the Bublos My Books feature without an account (ie. and thereby utilizing just a temporary list) your new account will recognize the existing list and will import the old list into your new account.

 Is Any My Books Information Used For Marketing Purposes?
Definitely not. We do not use any of the information stored in My Books for marketing purposes, nor is any of the information passed on to third parties. Further, no personal information, except as provided when creating a free account, is linked to, or stored within the My Books feature - which is a policy we intend to continue. Also, as per our privacy policy, neither do we pass on any other information, or store personal information within cookies.

Linking to Bublos:
We encourage you to tell your friends and family about Bublos.com, or if you have a Web-site then you may like to place a link on your site to Bublos. Whoever you tell, we're certain they will appreciate being able to save money the next time they buy books online; and, equally, we will appreciate you telling them.

You can find several different ways to link to Bublos on our "Create Links" page, including HTML code for linking to individual book titles, a Bublos search box and even more.

Answers to some other frequently asked questions can be found on the Help Page, but feel free to write us with your comments or questions, and we'll endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.


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