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Listed below you will find answers to some of the common questions we are asked. Hopefully you will find the answers you are looking for here, but if not then feel free to use the Bublos Mailbox to ask us a query directly. We will try to answer any questions as quickly as possible; however, any queries regarding book orders should be directed to the individual bookstore where your order was initiated.

Book Search Is Not Working
In order to serve real-time book search results we must send requests to various online bookstores; thus the results are dependent on a variety of factors, including how busy the bookstore is (affecting response time) or other network congestion or failure (affecting either our ability to make the bookstore aware of our request, or the bookstore's ability to relay a response).

If you get no search results then we recommend you try to send the request again, but if you continue to get no results then you should probably wait a while. Alternatively, and the most foolproof method of all, you may like to try going directly to one of the many popular bookstores we list.

Book Search Is Not Searching The Country I Choose
Generally speaking, unless your browser has scripting disabled, the menu bar from which you select the stores to search will figure out if the store you chose is in the same country as you have selected. However, if for some reason they are different, then the bookstore which is selected will take precedence over the country which is selected since, naturally, we would assume that's the store you wish us to provide results from.

Price Comparison Is Not Working
Similar to the reasons given above, the book price comparison feature is largely dependent on our ability to receive correct information from various bookstores to whom we send requests. Additionally, some online bookstores may occasionally change the format of the data they send us, necessitating an update of certain parts of our software - this may mean you don't see results from a particular bookstore for a little while.

Setting the timer (below the main search boxes) to a reasonable period can also assist. We have often seen all the results retrieved in less than 15 seconds, but experience tells us that the most results are, on average, displayed when the timer is set to 15 seconds or more.

Also, it's good to remember that not every bookstore carries every book title. However, our list of bookstores should give you a good idea of where to be looking, and indicates where to buy new books, used books and even stores which offer an "out of print" service.

As per the notes in "UK Price Comparison...", not all books are necessarily available in every country. You may however set your preferences to include results from more than one country, which will increase the chances of us obtaining a price.

Similarly, if you have set your personal preferences too strictly, then this will decrease the likelihood of obtaining relevant results, so you may wish to be a little more lenient with your preference settings.

Please let us know if you seem to be experiencing any other difficulties with either the book search or price comparison features.

UK Book Price Comparison
UK book prices are listed at the foot of the main price comparison table (when search is set to "All", or when preferences overide the default settings); however, as some will undoubtedly note, not all U.S. titles are available in the UK. Many U.S. titles are available though, and where the online UK stores carry these, then we compare UK book prices too.

Where it seems that a very popular title should be available in the UK, but is not, then the chances are that the book has been published with a different ISBN reference (sometimes where the syntax of the text has significantly changed in order to accomodate the different readership - some of the Harry Potter books are good examples of this). In this instance our list of bookstores, which includes UK bookstores, may prove useful: even so, most U.S. bookstores do ship internationally - albeit for a little extra postage.

Similarly, many popular UK book titles are often not available in the U.S., but may still be shipped internationally from most bookstores.

Memo Pad doesn't seem to work
The most common reason for the Memo Pad not doing its magic is a lack of cookies - small text files used by most of the modern browsers. Unfortunately, if your browser does not use cookies then the Memo Pad will not function properly for you. However, you should still be able to view any Memo Pad links which may have been forwarded to you - similarly, if your browser does use cookies and you wish to forward your Memo Pad to someone who does not have a cookie-enabled browser, then no problem - they should be able to read it.

Links to Bublos
We're more than happy for most other sites to link to us, so long as they are not likely to offend - which is in keeping with our philosophy of making the Internet a safe, fun and interesting place for everybody. If you're not sure how to set up a particular link, or if it doesn't seem to be working, then let us know and we will try to assist you. Also, see links to Bublos. Example code, suitable for linking to Bublos.com home page, is below.

If you wanted to tell a friend about Bublos via e-mail then you could just type in the full url of Bublos.com, as shown below, which will automatically create a link in most e-mail programs:


Links from Bublos
Bublos strives to bring quality information to you, and is always on the lookout for other interesting literary sites. However, as interesting as they may be, it's really not practical for us to list all the links which are suggested to us - it may also be unsuitable to list some sites for other reasons. So, if you do suggest a link to us, then we thank you in advance, but please don't be too disappointed if we're unable to list it.

Advertising with Bublos
Bublos welcomes inquiries from both companies and individuals interested in advertising on this site. Rates vary according to advertisement location and duration, and also the type of advertisement. If you have an advertising inquiry then please use the Bublos Mailbox to contact us, and we will be pleased to discuss your advertising requirements.

Working for Bublos
Bublos currently enjoys being fully staffed, and we are therefore not seeking to enhance our complement of staff at the present moment in time, but we thank you for your interest.

Privacy Policy
Cookies: We use cookies to assist in enhancing your experience of Bublos.com, allowing us to offer such unique functionality as the Memo Pad for example, or personalization of your options. Bublos does not store any of your personal information in cookies. More about cookies.

E-mail: Some functions of this Web-site necessitate entering e-mail addresses, such as the "Mail A Friend" function. You might also enter your e-mail address when mailing us for example. However, we believe such information is essentially personal, and thus do not store e-mail addresses or pass them to any third party. You can find more information about our privacy policy on our Privacy Statement page.


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